STOGO All-Day Glove

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Powered by ViralOff® Polygiene Technology

Made from 100% certified recycled materials


Our STOGO All-Day antimicrobial gloves are multi-functional and touchscreen friendly.  ViralOff® reduces SARS-COV-2 by 99% on the gloves within two hours, meeting the ISO 18184:2019 standard (Determination of antiviral activity of textile products).




Gym: full hand antimicrobial workout gloves (unlike standard fingerless gym gloves)
Public transport: great for trains, planes, and shared bikes/scooters
Grocery stores: perfect for shopping carts and grocery baskets



Reduce germs and bacteria by 99% in less than 2 hours. ViralOff® has been tested against Influenza A, Bird Flu, Norovirus, and Coronavirus (SARS)- shown by Test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2).

ViralOff® also stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so your gloves will stay smelling fresh after each use!



Every part of this glove is made from recycled materials. ViralOff® is made from recycled silver, the fabric and labels are made from GRS-Certified recycled polyester and our packaging is printed on FSC-Certified recycled paper. Learn more about our sustainability here.



Conductive fingertips on thumb and index finger allow you to access mobile devices, ATMs, and self-checkout screens without compromising protection. Moisture-wicking fabric is cooling and comfortable on the skin.



Wear more, wash less®. These antimicrobial gloves only need washing every 10+ uses. For the average person who wears the gloves a few times a week (ie. to the store or on the train), the gloves only need to be washed every 1-2 weeks. For those that plan to wear the gloves for 8+ hours/day (ie. security guards or delivery workers), the gloves may need washing more often. ViralOff® lasts around 30 washes, so we recommend hand washing or machine wash on cold (delicates).


Measure around the knuckles, not including the thumb. Sizing is just a guide – everyone’s hands are different. If in between sizes, we recommend sizing up because the material does stretch.
Glove Size Chart
 Glove Size  Circumference
XS/S 6.5 – 7.5 in
M/L 7.5 – 8.5 in
XL/XXL 8.5 – 9.5 in

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87 reviews for STOGO All-Day Glove

  1. Adrian Burrell

    Not only made me feel more comfortable in the grocery store, but in our scorching Summer heat, opening the car door was much moe comfortable. Had they been available in white, I would buy a pair in that color too. I definately recommend this product. They’re terrific.

  2. Annette Healy

    I”ve been wearing gloves for a long time to avoid touching elevator buttons, grocery carts, door handles, etc. When I learned that Stogo gloves were antimicrobial, I immediately got a pair. I loved that they had a variety of sizes (I wear XS). They are well made and I’m going to get another pair just in case as a backup.

  3. Denise Jones

    “I bought two pair (one for my 80 year old Mother and myself). They feel and wear like you are not wearing anything on your hands.

    Regular plastic gloves you have to take them off because your hands sometimes get hot and sweat.”

  4. Susan Enzinna

    These gloves are much more comfortable than nitrile gloves as your hands don’t sweat in them & they are thick enough that you do feel a sense of safety when coming in contact with objects that could be contaminated w/COVID, & b/c they are not disposable, you are not contributing plastic to the landfill & environment.

  5. Gregory Turner

    The fit is so comfortable, your hands don’t sweat and great fot all seasons. I feel safe when I go out now. Love these gloves so much I ordered a back up pair and put it away for safe keeping.

  6. Rick Proehl

    Overall i love the gloves but they run on the same size. So if you wear a large go for the l/xl and they should fit.

  7. Gina Smith

    STOGO gloves are the Best! Disposable gloves can be a pain, you grab a pair and one and is ripped. Or the powder gets all over your clothes. Not only are the STOGO gloves easy to use and comfortable, the special tips allow you to use them with a smartphone. I keep mine in my purse for shopping and handy access. Had an issue with sizing and customer service was excellent. I would definitely recommend getting a pair.

  8. Maxter Allen

    They fit nicely I got the XL size. They seem slim n tight at a glance. But they are a true fit

  9. Paula kane

    I received my gloves.They arrived quickly.I’m happy with the fit. I ordered a size up.Though a large… thought I’d get the XL… and they are perfect.I feel better with these rather than the rubber gloves (as I sweat, in summer! )..I will use these for shopping, and around doing basic errands..I really like them.It gives me the extra security I’m looking for. I recommend these gloves..and they are more stylish too, than the plastic or rubber gloves for sure!(also the feeling of safety and the technology of the gloves!)Still wash your hands..still wear a mask! Thank you… Buy the gloves!

  10. Lisa Barfield

    better then plastic gloves I love them

  11. Tracey Thompson

    I love these gloves !!!!! Great fit and I feel protected from germs. Thank You !!!!!

  12. Albert Wilson

    The gloves fit really well, they also do what they’re claiming to do. I’m typing with them on my phone right now. So as far as I can tell they do what they say they can do. Which these days is much more than most products.

  13. anna davila

    Happy with my purchase going buy other set

  14. Jeffrey Clark

    Awesome gloves fit great so nice to be able to wear them without having my hands sweat especially that I live in Florida. Works great with my iPhone and tablet. Good price cheaper than a box of latex gloves. Real fast shipping.

  15. Jill Sokol

    Very comfortable …. they will be a wardrobe staple!

  16. Catherine Spingler

    These gloves fit well, are quite elegant as well as practical. You can easily use your phone or other touch pads with them. I highly recommend..

  17. Marvin Miller

    “I was looking for added protect from the coronavirus, germs etc. This glove are the ones. Touchscreen ready and a comfortable fit. I give them three thumbs up and recommend them to anyone looking for extra protection.


  18. Marci Weis

    LOVE these gloves! No more wasting plastic throw away gloves!!

  19. Benetta Kuffour

    So far, so good. Very comfortable.. My sister and niece now want to purchase.

  20. Margaret Mueller

    “I received these gloves last week . They fit well . Way to use with iPhone or computer with special tips on finger .
    Make me feel more secure out in this crazy World right now .
    They DO NOT REPLACE hand washing .
    Excellent product .
    Thank you.for this innovation !

  21. Paula niBride

    Perfect dress glove for shopping and other public venues!

  22. Sheldon Packer

    “i like them How do i wash them
    machine or by hand”

  23. Hassan Johnson

    they fit well but using touchscreens can still be a bit of a pain

  24. Anna Orbe

    I am the only one doing the shopping in my home. I was going thru 3-4 pairs of disposable gloves every time I shopped(one for each store). These gloves are nicely breathable(a.k.a my hands don’t sweat) and the index fingertip works nicely on the credit card machines. They were also easy to remove without having to touch the palm/finger surface in between each store.

  25. Pamela Jones

    “I misplaced my gloves this afternoon and about had a small heart attack so I may need to purchase a second pair for safety because I feel at ease wearing them!

  26. Eugene D. Parker

    This was my 2nd purchase and it was 2 pairs that I’m giving as gifts to my wonderful lady and her mother.

  27. Vicki Chen

    They fit great!

  28. Idara Bassey

    The gloves are well made and I feel reassured about how they are protecting my hands as I go about my day. They run on the small side so I am glad I sized up. I have told family members about them. Thank you for this product!

  29. Suzanne Peers

    I’m pleased with the comfortable stretchy material. It’s not too tight. The gloves are touchscreen friendly as advertised. I was using disposable nitrile exam gloves in grocery stores and didn’t want to keep adding to the landfills. The ViralOff technology is reassuring. I hand wash them in the sink each night and hang them from to dry a pants hanger. They are dry by the next morning. I plan to order another pair.

  30. Mercedes Elias

    So comfortable. fit well and very light

  31. Sharon Byrd Collins

    The gloves arrived quickly. The fit was fantastic and I love the quality of the gloves. I should have ordered more and probably will order another pair. Love this product!!!

  32. Vincent Galvan

    Great item for peace of mind. I like that I can go about when shopping for groceries or doing essential errands, knowing I have a layer of protection through this pandemic. Even knowing that I still need to be cautious.

  33. Cathy Roby

    Used them Tuesday and they were great. Only thing I found was that my hands got very hot so I had to take them off.

  34. Starlene Grochowicz

    Great! They are slim and feel more durable than a pair that I got from another site. The sizing seems a little small – bought the XL/XXL and they are snug.

  35. Jackie Martinez

    Its a comfortable forming fit, easy to get on and off. Not sure about the antiviral off, but time will tell.

  36. Susan Phillips

    Very happy with gloves. Esp. when opening numerous doors others touch through out day.

  37. Ronald McGuire

    Pretty good overall but I have some nagging issues with being able to open my phone. Also the fingers get stuck when I putting the seat belt on. The tips of the fingers could be rounder so that you can control the phone better. It gets square (excess material) causing inability to interact with phone.

  38. Demetrius L Hite

    I just love using them… Feel very protected

  39. Jose Gomez

    “These are the best products I’ve seen on the market so far. Thank you for the quality and attention to safety me and my family really appreciate it.

    Jose Gomez
    For Los Angeles California”

  40. Catherine Smith

    Stayed comfortable being worn most of the day.

  41. Patricia Shepherd

    Quick shipping. Good communications with the company. Quality of the gloves is excellent.

  42. Sharon Byrd Collins

    Love them, wish I had ordered two pair.

  43. Elaine Yamani

    Great and fir perfit

  44. Daryl Jean Kuramoto

    Used glove mostly for workouts. Fit is perfect. Feels so comfortable

  45. Susan D’Antuono

    I use these gloves at the gym and shopping. I love them and the finger works great with electronics. I wear a 7 glove and a small works perfect.

  46. Brenda Bishop

    I love how they feel and I will be using them at the gym.

  47. angus arseculeratne

    Amazing gloves. So comfortable, I don’t want to take them off

  48. Doreen Pastorok

    haven’t used yet, but fit is good. Great for running in store, pumping gas etc. Tired of buying rubber gloved.

  49. anna davila

    Great Good I’m Happy

  50. Denise Boysel

    No problem at all, fit is great, will always wear them out in town

  51. Bobby Johnson

    I am very happy with these gloves! They fit well (I bought lg) and I can still use phone and manage tasks as normal. They are well so I think they will be very durable.

  52. Richard Grosse

    I really like these gloves. I like that they last after 10 uses and washes!

  53. Kayla Perez

    Thumb is a little long but other than that these gloves are a great alternative to the tiresome antibacterial keys that were out my hands.

  54. Shelly H.

    They fit great, work well with my electronics, and are comfortable to wear. My hands don’t get too hot while wearing them.

  55. Simon Herbert

    The finger index pads don’t actually work on an iPhone (much). That was a big buying point for me. Very disappointed.

  56. Lee Kernis

    wear them all the comfortable I forget I’m wearing them..buying another pair

  57. Ricardo Cross

    they were fine, but the thumb and index finger left smudges on white surfaces.

  58. Scott Silva

    Happy with these gloves and the idea that when I leave my home and go to the grocery store I can feel safe with my hands touching the cart, etc. One thing after having a previous pair…the touch pads on the finger and thumb eventually lose their effectiveness. That was highly disappointing. No glove has solved the touch screen dilemma. Good gloves for everyday activities.

  59. Jaime Smith

    They are great.

  60. Charmaine Hunter

    I absolutely love this glove. It works on smart devices and on store touch screen pads. Also, NO Moisture!!! The fit was perfect (M/L).


    It was good. Did not realize I had baught a pair similar from another company…….RGB. Same fit and both the finger pads are not always functional on the cell phone but good fit and good when driving. I use them in my rideshare. Glad they are antiviral.

  62. Eileen Bower

    They arrived in a very timely manner. This was my second order. I now have three pairs!

  63. Armando Martinez

    Good fitting gloves. Touch screen feature is a real plus. Have ordered 2 pairs.


    I like the fit and for regular use in driving it is good. But it does not always work well with the touch screen on my phone…….

  65. Sheryl Bonciolini

    I bought a pair of these gloves for everyone in my family. We all love them. They are very comfortable. And I love the strench fit, it really improves dexterity when handling things when shopping etc.

  66. Kim Costello

    Cashier’s have noticed these and asked where to buy them because the disposable gloves don’t work with electronics. These are worth every penny!

  67. Mary Jensen

    I am very happy with these gloves. They fit perfectly and are comfortable for long periods

  68. janet seltzer

    comfortable and fit is great. touchscreen works well too.

  69. Patricia Shepherd

    I love them! They are comfortable for all-day use. I never leave home without them when traveling on paratransit. They offer great protection.

  70. Joel Hopwood

    The glove fit perfectly, and is not clumsy to use when shopping, writing or using electronic devices. They are also easier to put on and take off than the rubber gloves I had been using. I am very satisfied with the product.

  71. dan bauman

    bought these for work due to the virius

  72. Queen West

    I just love these gloves! I love the fact that they have silver in them to combat bacteria, etc. I’m a person who dresses up everyday with hats, jewelry, etc. These gloves look like they are a part of my dressy wardrobe. I can leave the gloves in the car, and are ready when I go out. I’m a senior and retired so I only go out 2-3 times a week. So its a while before I actually have to wash them being that they clean themselves every couple of hours.

  73. Gahvreal Williams

    I use them everywhere I go. Shopping, gas station, and most importantly at work where I interact with the public!!!!!

  74. Narda Bailey Waddy

    I simply love them they fit perfectly and are stylish

  75. Jarvis Jones

    “I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of STOGO Gloves. I use them almost everywhere I go; Especially at the local Gym. Great Gloves to have!! I use them to keep germs, bacteria and Viruses Away. And especially pleased that they do not irritate my skin like the vinyl or latex gloves do.

    These gloves are precisely what I needed!!! Thank You STOGO!!!!

  76. Jafan Davis

    I love these gloves. They fit snugly but are easy to put on and take off. Saves me tons of money in plastic gloves and better for the environment. They give me a sense of safety for my hands and i can use my cell phone while wearing them. I’ve purchased four pairs and have told family and friends to do the same.

  77. Paula kane

    I love these gloves!.. My second pair… I feel safe when wearing them to the store, mailbox..any place I go.Its the extra protection I need …along with wearing my face mask, when out in public during the Covid time. It’s my personal preference and I feel gives me the security I’m looking for..especially with flu season coming up.The gloves are great quality ,and again its my second pair..I highly recommend them.

  78. Gail Mills

    Great fit and comfortable. Love the ability to use touchscreen with them.

  79. Lonnie Pierce

    I’ve had them for close to two weeks now and I don’t have any complaints. They’re pretty sleek and nice & comfortable. They feel soft and work perfectly fine with any touchscreens that I’ve come across while wearing them. I’ll probably buy more.

  80. Peri Alletto

    I love this product

  81. Brant Manuel

    Amazing product. Everyone should have a pair. They truly are lifesavers. I bought a pair for myself and my ohana aka family members, and they love them too. I highly recommend that you try a pair for yourself if not for those you love dearly.

  82. Denise B.

    durability, comfort, don’t know I have them on

  83. Carmen Gealogo

    I bring these EVERYWHERE i go – I just feel safer when I wear them. I have 3 other pairs, because I’m worried I’ll wear them out, though they have been holding up really well despite the daily use.

  84. Denise Boysel

    I wear them whenever I go into a stores and to medical/dental appointment’s; along with a mask. I get strange looks, but at least I know I’m safe.

  85. Crystal Pfeifer

    “I purchased these for my whole family, and they are excellent.

    I love having a reuse-able antiviral layer of protection between my hands and those grimy NYC subway handrails.

    I especially love this item, because they are eco conscious right down to the 100% recycled labeling and packaging.

    Highly recommend!”

  86. Catherine Spingler

    Excellent. I bought these gloves as gifts. They are elegant and practical.

  87. Dr. Teresa Jackson

    These gloves are of good quality. I will have to trust they work as described, having no way to test them. The fit is what I like best. My hands are small and gloves are often ill fitting but not these they fit great!

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