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  • 1 NanoFit Mask
  • 2 Nanofiber Filters

The NanoFit Mask is treated with ViralOff®, an award-winning antimicrobial treatment that protects the mask and eliminates the need to wash it frequently. Our 4-layer nanofiber filters protect from particles as small as 0.3 microns. Five size options, an adjustable nosepiece, and ergonomic ear loops create a snug, comfortable fit.





  • 1 NanoFit Mask
  • 2 Nanofiber Filters


Measure the distance between earlobes by going directly under the nose.
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SilverTek is a leading health tech company based in Greenwich, Connecticut. The NanoFit Mask is an FDA-listed mask. Made with excellence in South Korea.


  • SilverTek’s NanoFit Mask leads the market in cutting-edge face mask design.
  • The NanoFit Mask’s sleek, proprietary design is optimal for comfort, fit, breathability, and long term wear.
  • The adjustable nosepiece is cushioned inside a proprietary fabric blend so it forms specifically to the wearer’s face. As a result, the mask does not gap or fog glasses.
  • Ergonomic earloops are light and comfortable for daily use.
  • The NanoFit is available in five sizes, creating an optimal fit for every face.


  • The SilverTek NanoFit Mask is treated with award-winning Polygiene ViralOff®.
  • ViralOff® is scientifically proven to reduce germs on the mask fabric by 99% in two hours.
  • This antimicrobial treatment protects the mask, therefore reducing the need to wash it. 
  • ViralOff® is made with recycled silver. Its main ingredient is registered with the U.S. EPA.


  • The NanoFit Mask’s 4-layer replaceable filter utilizes nanofiber filtration technology.
  • It blocks micro-pollutants as small as 0.3 μm.
  • Unlike traditional filters, nanofiber does not depend on static electricity to filter effectively. As a result, nanofiber filters last significantly longer.
  • Nanofiber filters maintain their effectiveness in humid conditions, such as rain, sweat, and condensation from breathing.
  • The NanoFit Mask combines layers of both nanofiber and traditional filtration to provide optimal protection.
  • Our electrospun nanofiber is better than meltblown filters in regards to consistent fiber size, comfort, and breathability.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 10 × 1.5 in

Large – XL, Medium, Small, Child, Child XS

11 reviews for NanoFit Mask

  1. Kinga Stys

    I got one and it’s incredible! Light and breathable. It’s very comfortable and and soft. I got one for my boyfriend too and he loves it. His mom think it’s amazing and she is getting one for herself too!

  2. Dr. Fatima Mawji

    I am a doctor and have been working in operating rooms for several decades. This is the most comfortable and breathable mask I have worn. I wear it for all of my personal activities: groceries, walks, etc. It is easy to put on and remove, and the self-sanitizing ViralOff puts my mind at ease.

  3. Melinda Loo

    I’m so happy I found this comfortable, lightweight and BREATHABLE face mask, so I no longer have to worry about making it through a work day without feeling like I am going to suffocate or pass out. AND the mask is protected by ViralOff, made from recycled silver that doesn’t interfere with your skin’s natural bacterial flora (AMAZING!).
    There is an art to mask design for sure. I’ve gotten so many compliments saying it brings out my eyes.
    Bonus! I love that it’s reusable. This makes me feel less guilty about the tremendous waste from wearing two disposable masks per day.

  4. Lore McManus Solo

    The mask is so light and breathable but fully and firmly covers my face. The anti-viral mask with replaceable filters also makes me confident that I’m wearing one of the safest masks available anywhere on the market.

  5. Jenna Lefort

    I have been wearing this mask, and it amazing! It isn’t like any normal mask that I have worn before! It’s super lightweight and breathable. You can tell the difference between this mask and any other mask within the first 5 minutes of wearing it. It is super easy to wear especially for hours at a time and doesn’t leave your face under the mask super sweaty and sticky like a normal mask does. I am definitely going to wear this mask everyday when I have to go back into the office for long work days!

  6. Kate Capparelle

    I’ve worn these masks for eight hour shifts and I didn’t have to adjust the mask a single time and it was super comfortable. I also loved how the mask didn’t interfere with my talking, or give me acne after wearing it because of the recycled silver that’s used in them. Would highly recommend to a friend!!

  7. N. M. N

    Love this mask!! I usually wear it for hours on end but because it is so breathable it never bothers me. The material is very soft on my skin and makes the mask extremely comfortable. I’ve been raving about it to my family and now they all want one! I would definitely recommend this amazing mask to everyone.

  8. Victoria Fu

    As a teenager, a super important thing I’m looking for in a mask is its appearance. Silvertek masks are sleek and fashionable, and so much more comfortable and attractive than those blue surgical masks! It’s also super convenient that you don’t need to wash them and I like that they’re not once-use masks. So worth it!

  9. Ashiana Jivraj

    As a dental student, I know that I am likely at higher risk than many others – I am often closer to people than most. Wearing this masks helps me feel like I am not only keeping others safe, but I too am staying safe. It’s comfortable, I can talk on the phone without straining, and it DOESN’T FOG UP MY GLASSES. Overall, really happy with this mask.

  10. Bill Currier

    Great product. I was in New York City recently. I wore it all day, riding on a bicycle around the City, near Prospect Park, Fort Greene and in Park Slope. It was comfortable, easy to breath through, did not become irritating, and easy to communicate through, if necessary. Because it is so well designed, wearing it becomes like wearing a second skin. it stays close to your face without making you overheated. SilverTek masks is a huge improvement over the more common blue, medical disposable mask we are all familiar with. We know those fall apart, aren’t good for more than a day or two. And collapse into your mouth as they get hold, which makes them irritating. I have been recommending these SilverTek masks to anyone who is fed up with their current product. The higher price for an environmentally sound, functional product is worth it over time.

  11. A O’Rourke

    These masks are comfortable to wear. I have tried different masks and this one is the best in ease and comfort. I am not constantly adjusting it and can wear it comfortably for long periods of time. Great customer service too!

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