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The NanoFit Mask should be stored in a cool, dry environment. It should not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Replaceable filters should be kept in their original resealable package until ready for use. 

We do not recommend washing the NanoFit Mask skin often, as it is protected by Polygiene’s ViralOff® technology. For best performance and sustainability, wash less and only when needed. We recommend either hand washing with water only or washing on a delicate cycle with no detergent. Always remove the filter before washing. Air dry only. The neck strap may be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe. 

  • Before putting on a mask, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Place ear loops around your ears, covering both your mouth and nose with the mask. Make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • For the NanoFit Mask, press the adjustable nosepiece snugly against the bridge of your nose to ensure a close fit. Add the neck strap if you desire.
  • The WHO recommends not touching a mask while using it. The NanoFit Mask is protected by an antimicrobial coating which decreases the chance of contamination on the mask. 
  • To remove the mask: remove the ear loops from behind the ears, and the neck strap if you are using it. Do not touch the internal nano filter. Clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Based on recommendations from the World Health Organization 

Yes! The NanoFit Mask and nanofiber filters do not contain latex.

No, none of our products contain graphene. The NanoFit is a graphene-free mask.

Please leave your mask out to air for one to two days and the scent should dissipate completely. The mask is safe to wear regardless of scent. Do not place in direct sunlight. If scent persists, please contact us

Size Guide

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A proper fit is essential when wearing any face mask. Your entire nose and mouth should be covered, with no gaps between your face and the mask. See our measuring directions and size chart below!

To find the correct NanoFit Mask size for you, measure the distance (in inches) between earlobes by going directly under the nose.

X LargeLargeMediumSmallChildChild XS
Over 12 inches11.1 – 12 inches10.1 – 11 inches9.5 – 10 inches

8.5 – 9.4 inches


7.8 – 8.4 inches


Return Policy

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Due to the personal nature of the mask, we cannot accept returns for sanitary reasons.

If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us, and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

We are working to fill your order as quickly as possible.  As such, there is a very small window to cancel an order. If you need to cancel, please contact us.

All canceled orders are subject to a processing fee of $4.99 per mask and $2.99 per filter package. 

Shipping & Delivery

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Shipping price options, including express shipping, are available at checkout. The shipping time could vary depending on your shipping destination. Most orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

We currently have all sizes in stock.

Most of our fulfillment is in the United States and Canada, but we do ship to other select countries. Please check the drop-down menu in checkout to see in which countries we currently fulfill orders. If you are interested in a NanoFit Mask and live outside these countries, please contact us


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Yes, we provide a Limited Warranty Period of 30 days. This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or craftsmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period. 

Note that repair/replacements will be charged in the following cases, even during the warranty term.


  • Failure or damage caused by improper use or carelessness
  • Failure or damage caused by user modification
  • Failure or damage caused by fire, water, or natural disaster
  • Esthetic changes due to regular use
  • No proof of purchase

If you wish to make a Warranty Claim, please contact us with your order number and attach a photo of the affected part. 

Payment & Security

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We offer secure payments via Stripe or PayPal, through which you can also use a regular credit or debit card – no PayPal account required.

Stay in Touch

ViralOff® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is used for protection of the treated product.