unrivaled mask design
with ViralOff® Technology

Eco-Friendly Function

The NanoFit Mask is protected by ViralOff®, an award-winning antimicrobial treatment scientifically proven to reduce SARS-COV-2 by 99% within two hours.

ViralOff is made from recycled silver and reduces the need to wash the mask – saving you time and energy while decreasing your environmental footprint.

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A Proper Fit

The NanoFit Mask’s sleek design is optimized for comfort, fit, breathability, and long-term wearability – making it one of the best reusable face masks on the market.


A correct, snug fit ensures particles cannot leak through gaps between the mask and your face – providing the benefits of a double mask with just one. 


The adjustable nosepiece is cushioned inside a soft fabric blend, designed to form specifically to the face. Your exhale is directed down rather than up, so it doesn’t fog glasses.


The NanoFit is available in four adult sizes and two kids sizes, providing an optimized fit for many face sizes.

Graphic showing 4-ply nanofiber mask filter - filtration layers of the NanoFit Mask

Nanofiber Filtration Technology

The NanoFit Mask’s four-layer replaceable filter is equipped with nanofiber filtration technology and effectively filters particles as small as 0.3 μm (microns).


Nanofiber technology provides superior filtration because, unlike traditional filters, it does not depend on static electricity to be effective. Therefore, it maintains its effectiveness in humid and wet conditions, such as rain, sweat, spit, and condensation produced from breathing.


Unlike melt-blown filters and masks, our nanofiber filters are electrospun, so they have a consistent diameter for superior breathing comfort.

Because Trust
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○ FDA-listed

○ Design exceeds CDC recommendations

○ Meets ISO18184 standard


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ViralOff® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is used for protection of the treated product.